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1. What type of coolant do you use?
2. How much do you use per month?
3. What is your average concentration?
4. What is your cost per gallon?
5. What is your average sump size?
6. How many machines with sumps this size?
7. How many machines with extra large sumps?
8. What is the gallon sump size of these machines?
9. Cost of disposal per gallon?
10. Number of gallons disposed of per year?
11. Average number of sump pumpouts per year?
12. Maintenace labor cost per hour to clean sump?
13. Average amount of time to clean sump?
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14. Average cost of cleaner and supplies per sump?
15. Average burden rate per hour on machines?
16. Out of all cleanings what % of time are machines taken out of production?
17. Total annual cost of biocides, fungucide, pH and lube boosters and defoamer?
18. What percentage of the coolant do you currently recycle?
19. What MFG. of coolant do you currently buy from and what product?
20. What are the current manufacturing concerns or issues?
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