Coolants and Cutting Fluids
Premium Performance
State-Of-The-Art Coolants / Cutting Oil
KOOLRite Long Life Coolants are establishing a new standard for overall performance among modern cutting fluid products.

KOOLRite™ Long Life Coolants are “praised in the shop,” where their advanced technologies deliver unparalleled performance for cutting oil products. View our Success Stories for examples of:

KOOLRite soluble oil and synthetic fluid products are also “welcome at home,” because their unique BioArmor™ Technology provides built-in resistance to bacterial growth without using bacteriacides, meaning they can provide:

Additionally, KOOLRite products can simplify your coolant management. Many shops have been able to standardize on a minimal number of coolants throughout the plant...even for multiple metals! Our Selector Guide explains why KOOLRite products can make your life refreshingly simple.

Operators and Owners working with KOOLRite products have experienced:

  1. No Stench
  2. Improved drill and tap life on aluminum and stainless
  3. Coolant consumption drops 15% to 40%, eliminating frequent change-outs
  4. Excellent bio-stability minimizes the need for additives
  5. Multi-metal capability
  6. High resistance to bacterial and fungi growth
  7. Reduced annual disposal costs
  8. Non-staining, non-sticky chemistry, tolerates hard water
  9. Cleaner machine reduces maintenance and costs related to down-time
  1. Low foam levels, even on high pressure systems
  2. Outstanding protection against rust and corrosion
  3. User friendly formulation does not contain phenols, bacteriacides, nitrates, chlorine, DCHA or phosphorus
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