Specific Features
  1) 10' x 1.5" Vacuum Hose
  2) 4 HP, 50 GPM, Vacuum Head
  3) 2nd Stage Perforated AL Basket
  4) 1st Stage Perforated AL Basket
  5) 3rd Stage Perforated AL Basket
  6) Vacuum AL Skeleton
  7) Quick Release Stainer Assembly
  8) 1/2 HP, 30 GPM Pump
  9) 2-way Multi-function Valves
10) Washable Thermoplastic Filter
11) Ozone Injection Venturi
12) Mixing Reservoir
13) Ozone Generator
14) Mini-Vac Oil Removal System
15) Floating Vac-Skim Ring
16) Pump Control Handles
17) Sump Clamp
18) 10' Output Hose
19) Double Hinged Access Lids
20) Powder Coat, Heavy Steel Cart
21) 75 Gallon Rectangular Tanks
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The following is one of the most popular Processes supported by Coolant Train
cross section of oil removal components
Specific features refer to this drawing
valve handles and setting instructions
1) Check the refactive reading of the machine to be recycled. Add water, 75% of the sump size to be cleaned, to the "Used Coolant Tank" and add extra water if the refactive reading was high. Add coolant concentrate to the small "Concentrate Tank". Transport to the Machine Tool.

2) Vacuum the used coolant, chips and sludge into the "Vacuum Tank".

3) Transfer pump the water in the "used Coolant Tank" into the machine sump, add cleaner to the sump and circulate machine tool pumps thoroughly to clean the machine.

4) Transfer pump the used coolant from the "Vacuum Tank" into the "Used Coolant Tank".

5) Set pump controls to "Ozone Treatment" and the " Mini-Vac Oil Removal System" timer to
     the desired time (20 to 30 minutes). Switch on pump. This process will be complete by
     the time the machine tool is clean.

6) When the cleaner is done cycling through the machine tool , vacuum used cleaner into the
     "Vacuum Tank".

7) Transfer pump the recycled coolant back into the sump, while opening the mixer valve, if a
      higher concentration is desired (the concentrate can be mixed in during ozone treatment if
      preferred). If a lower concentration was required, extra water has already been transported
      for this purpose.

8) Transport cleaner back to disposal, or transfer to the "Used Coolant Tank" and recycle the
      same way as mentioned above with the used coolant (rinsing when finished). Empty chip
That's it, you're done, one round trip across the Plant
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