Recycling Accessories
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Waste Water Evaporators
Hydromix Coolant Mixer
Digital Flowmeter/Totalizer
*Acrylic pump head
*Viton seals standard
*Stainless steel valve block, outlet fitting, and main cylinder
*Reduces chemical waste, improves proportioning accuracy, repeatable formulations, easy installation, and reliable operation
*Water pre-filter included - 200 mesh/50 micron
*Several types available
Drum Mixers
*Ends emulsion guess work
*No more hand batching
*Reduce waste
*Saves time, money and space
*Perfectly mixed coolant for your machine
*Keeps Drums Upright
*Portable Operation
*Filtrations Without Media
*Ferrous and Non Ferrous Materials
*13 to 26 GPM
*Small Footprint
*G Forces Optimized
*High Capacity for Particulate to 1 Gallon or more
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