Specific Features
  1) 10' x 1.5" Vacuum Hose
  2) 4 HP, 50 GPM, Vacuum Head
  3) 2nd Stage Perforated AL Basket
  4) 1st Stage Perforated AL Basket
  5) 3rd Stage Perforated AL Basket
  6) Vacuum AL Skeleton
  7) Quick Release Stainer Assembly
  8) 1/2 HP, 30 GPM Pump
  9) 2-way Multi-function Valves
10) Washable Thermoplastic Filter
11) Ozone Injection Venturi
12) Mixing Reservoir
13) Ozone Generator
14) Mini-Vac Oil Removal System
15) Floating Vac-Skim Ring
16) Pump Control Handles
17) Sump Clamp
18) 10' Output Hose
19) Double Hinged Access Lids
20) Powder Coat, Heavy Steel Cart
21) 75 Gallon Rectangular Tanks
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