Multi-Functional Sump Cleaner and Coolant Recycler
Coolant Train
Multi-Functional Features
-Portable Sump Cleaner
Vacuums Sumps, Transfer Pumps, and Transports Fluids in One Trip
-Multi-Stage Filtration Unit
Removes Chips, Fines, and Sludge from the coolant
-Dual Fluid Transporter
Can Handle Premix/ Water, or Used Coolant
Used Cleaner in One Trip
-Coolant Mixer
Takes Approximately 2 Minutes to Mix
60 gallons @ 5%
-Tramp Oil Remover
Quick Process of Separation and Removel
of Tramp Oils
-Ozone Purifier
Kills Bio-Infection in Minutes Without
Harmful Biocides
-Transfer Pump
Can Be Used to Pump Fluids to and from
Different Tanks in the Shop
-8 Process Capability Machine
Flexibility to Support 8 Everyday Fluid
Handling and Recycling Processes
*Take a tough job, make it easier, and get it done faster,
  simply an affordable solution.
*Everything you need to recycle and manage your
 fluids in less than 1/3 of the time!
Patent# US 6,616,835
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